AMD Stock Price Prediction & Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050


AMD Stock Price Prediction & Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050: For those interested in investing in AMD, it’s natural to wonder what the future of its stock price looks like. While no predictions are foolproof, there are many factors that can inform a projection of the direction stock prices might take in the coming years.

AMD Stock Price Prediction
AMD Stock Price Prediction

If you’re considering investing in AMD stock, it’s crucial that you conduct comprehensive research and analysis on the company and its financial performance. To assist you with this, we’ve provided a helpful AMD stock price prediction article that can guide you in making an informed investment decision.

Advance Micro Devices (AMD) Overview

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a leading manufacturer of computer processors and graphics cards, based in Santa Clara, California. Established in 1969, AMD has become one of the leading chip makers in the world today.

AMD processors are available for desktops, servers, laptops, tablets and embedded systems. Currently their top-of-the-line processor is their Ryzen 5000 series which utilizes the 7-nanometer Zen 3 architecture.

Aside from processors, AMD also produces graphics cards under its Radeon line which use both integrated “GPUs” and discrete GPUs that are designed to deliver high quality visuals at an affordable price point.

AMD has invested heavily in research and development over the past several years which has allowed them to produce some of the most advanced CPUs on the market today with features such as simultaneous multithreading (SMT5).

Stock NameAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Ticker SymbolAMD
CountryUSA (Nasdaq)
SectorTechnology (Semiconductors)
Market Cap$120.25 billion
All-time high$161.91 (November 29, 2021)
CEOLisa Su
CompetitorsIntel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm

AMD Stock Price Chart

AMD Fundamental Analysis

AMD Stock Price Prediction and Forecast

Recent stock analysis suggests that the AMD share price will steadily climb and reach a peak of $515 by the year 2030. Analysts predict that AMD stocks will rise to $125 in 2023, followed by $182 in 2024, $225 in 2025 and so on.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price


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AMD Stock Price Prediction 2023 | AMD Stock Forecast 2023

Predictions for the price of AMD stock in 2023 suggest that the maximum possible value can be around $125.04. The average forecast is that it may reach approximately $102.27 if current growth continues, while a bearish market may cause it to decrease to a minimum of $76.51.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2023$76.51 to $125.04

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2024 | AMD Stock Forecast 2024

Predictions for Advanced Micro Devices Inc’s (AMD) stock price indicate that AMD will likely have a positive recovery this year. Our forecast projects a maximum high of $182.38 by 2024 and an average price of approximately $152.32. On the opposite side, bearish market conditions could bring the AMD stock price down to around $106.29.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2024$106.29 to $182.38

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2025 | AMD Stock Forecast 2025

Predictions for AMD stock in 2025 shows a potentially bullish trend. Current growth suggests that the maximum price forecast is $225.42. However, if the market turns bearish AMD could reach as low as $157.44. If current growth continues then the average price prediction for AMD in 2025 would be approximately $196.53 but with a potential to increase even further should the market become more bullish.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2025$157.44 to $225.42

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2026 | AMD Stock Forecast 2026

The stock price for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is predicted to be on an upward trend in the coming years. Our forecast predicts that, if the market performs as expected, their shares could reach an all-time high of $274.09 in 2026 and end the year with an average value of $246.25. On the other hand, if the market becomes bearish, AMD’s stock price could fall as low as $201.83 and remain bearish until 2026.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2026$201.83 to $274.09

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2027 | AMD Stock Forecast 2027

Stock analysts have predicted that AMD’s stock prices will reach a new all-time high (ATH) the year 2027. According to our forecast, the average price of AMD stocks stands at around $275.34 with a minimum value of $238.79. Additionally, if the markets experience positive movements, then the maximum value of AMD stocks can exceed $298.79.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2026$238.79 to $298.79

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2030 | AMD Stock Forecast 2030

Investors are eyeing AMD stock for its predicted long-term returns. According to our AMD stock forecast for 2030, the average value of their shares is expected to reach $456.29. On the optimistic side, if the market conditions remain positive, AMD could potentially reach a maximum of $515.62 by the year 2030. However, it may dip to a minimum of $409.85 should bearish sentiment take over.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2030$409.85 to $515.62

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2040 | AMD Stock Forecast 2040

Our prediction for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stocks is that the average price for 2040 should be about $915.26. If there are any bullish events, it could reach a high of $948.56 by year-end. However, if the market remains bearish, then we might see AMD’s stock dip to as low as $852.32. On the other hand, if favourable conditions arise, the shares may skyrocket to new heights!

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2040$852.32 to $948.56

AMD Stock Price Prediction 2050 | AMD Stock Forecast 2050

Investing in AMD stocks has proven to have great potential, with the stock value being projected to reach around $1422.41 by 2050. If the market is favourable for AMD’s shares, the prices may even reach a peak of $1489.95; however, if conditions don’t turn out as expected, it is estimated that AMD’s stock values will at least still hit $1353.26.

YEARAMD Stock Price Prediction
2050$1353.26 to $1489.95

AMD Stock Price History

2006-2008 period:- The AMD stock price started off its history at a relatively low price of $3.41 per share in January of 2006, making it a great option for long-term investors. Throughout the following two years, AMD saw steady increases in both its stock price and annual revenue. By the end of 2008, the company’s market cap had grown to over 14 billion dollars and AMD was trading at an all-time high of $15.25 per share – nearly 5 times what it was at just 3 years earlier.

AMD Price History
AMD Price History

2009-2014 period:- In 2009, however, the financial crisis hit and AMD’s stock began to fall steadily until bottoming out at around $2 per share by late 2011, having lost 83 percent of its value from its high point three years prior. The company attempted to restructure itself through layoffs and cost cutting measures during this time but these efforts were largely unsuccessful and its debt levels continued to rise along with its losses in 2012 -14.

2015-Present period:- Since then, however, AMD has begun to turn things around and regained some momentum as of late 2015 thanks to the launch of several new product lines that utilize the company’s signature x86 microprocessor technology in various markets such as servers, gaming consoles, virtual reality technology, and cloud computing. This renewed focus on developing innovative products has resulted in a resurgence in AMD’s stock price which currently stands at around $44 per share – nearly three times what it was worth at the start of 2015.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMD a good stock to buy?

Every investor has unique goals, risk tolerance, circumstances, and expectations. Before investing in any stock, it’s important to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. That said, AMD stock has seen strong growth in recent years due to its focus on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. As such, many investors consider it a promising long-term buy.

Will AMD stock reach $200?

The future of AMD stock is difficult to predict, as there are many factors that can influence its price. However, many analysts believe that the company is in a strong position and they are optimistic that it could reach the $200 price mark.

What is the future of AMD stock?

The future looks bright for AMD stock. Recent reports suggest that the company is set to benefit from strong demand in the server and gaming markets in the coming months, and analysts expect the market share of its Ryzen processors to continue to grow. As such, AMD stock may offer investors an attractive opportunity by 2030s.

Is AMD a good long term stock?

AMD stock is a good long-term investment, due to its strong product pipeline and increasing market share. As the demand for powerful computing gains momentum, the company’s large portfolio of products will benefit from this growth and lead to higher revenues and profits in the long run.

FAQ related to AMD Stock

Where will AMD stock be in 5 years?

What is the outlook on AMD stock in the next five years? In the long term, analysts predict that AMD stock will rise significantly; however, many factors such as the company’s financial performance, demand, and supply of products could affect the exact value over time. As of now, experts forecasted that AMD stocks can be traded between $200 and $350 in the next five years.

Where will AMD stock be in 10 years?

AMD stock has been on a positive long-term trend, and the outlook seems bearish moving forward. It is projected that by 2030 the share price of AMD will have surpassed $500. However, whether investors will earn good returns on their investment depends upon the type of investment they decide to make: long-term or short-term.

Will AMD stock go up?

Answer: The future of AMD stock price will ultimately depend on its performance in the coming months and years. While there are a variety of factors driving the company’s share prices, such as product launches and economic factors, predicting exactly which direction it will take is difficult. Investors should watch for industry news and follow the company’s performance to get an idea of where AMD stock may be headed in the near future.

Will AMD stock crash?

Answer: As with any type of financial investment, AMD stock carries with it the risk of a market crash. However, given the strong performance of AMD as a company and its resilient position in the microchip industry, analysts believe that the stock is less vulnerable to crash than other stocks in similar sectors.

Will AMD recover?

Answer: While it is difficult to make predictions related to stock market performance, experts are optimistic that AMD’s strong growth trajectory will continue over the next five years. As the company continues to push toward innovation and expand its business, many believe that the potential for AMD’s stock recovery in 2025 is likely.

Disclaimer: These price prediction of “AMD” is only for reference purpose only, this prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, and any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis.

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