Angoori Web Series (2023): Watch All Episode on Ullu

Angoori Web Series

Angoori Web Series: Angoori is a newly released Hindi web series that can be streamed on Ullu, an OTT platform that specializes in bold and erotic content. The lead role in this web series is played by Pihu Singh, a popular actress known for her appearances in various Ullu originals.

This romantic drama revolves around a blind couple who fall in love, get married, but face challenges when the husband’s friends try to exploit the wife. With three episodes, Angoori was released on 14 November 2023. It is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

Release Date and OTT Platform of Angoori Web Series

The web series will be available on Ullu starting from 14 November 2023. Ullu is a subscription-based streaming platform that offers original and exclusive content in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and more. Ullu has a vast collection of web series, movies, short films, and documentaries, spanning across different genres and themes. You can access Ullu on the web and through Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Ullu provides a dedicated app for smart TVs and Fire TV Stick.

Angoori Web Series cast and crew

Cast and Crew

Pihu SinghAngooriThe protagonist is a blind woman who marries a blind man
Rajesh KumarRaviAngoori’s husband, a blind man who works as a teacher
Amit SinghAmitRavi’s friend, a greedy and lustful man who covets Angoori
Shweta SharmaShwetaAmit’s wife, a cunning and jealous woman who supports her husband’s plans
Rakesh SharmaRakeshRavi’s friend, a loyal and honest man who tries to protect Angoori


On 10 November 2023, Ullu released the official trailer of their web series on their YouTube channel. The trailer depicts the love story of Angoori and Ravi, two blind individuals who connect through a matrimonial site. It also showcases the challenges they face when Amit and Shweta conspire to ruin their marriage and exploit Angoori. The trailer has garnered a mixed response from viewers. While many praised Pihu Singh’s acting and the concept of the web series, others criticized the explicit content and the predictable storyline. You can watch the trailer on the Ullu website or app, as well as on YouTube.

Angoori Full Web Series Details

Angoori Web Series delves into the themes of love and betrayal, focusing on Angoori, a blind woman living with her concerned father. Seeking a stable future, Angoori joins a matrimonial site and connects with Ravi, a blind teacher. As their bond strengthens through phone conversations, they decide to embark on a joyful married life.

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However, their happiness is short-lived when Ravi’s friends, Amit and Shweta, visit their home and become captivated by Angoori’s beauty. Amit and Shweta devise a plan to seduce Angoori and manipulate Ravi by exploiting their relationship. They also strive to create misunderstandings and erode the couple’s trust. Will Angoori and Ravi be able to salvage their marriage, expose Amit and Shweta’s malicious intentions, and overcome the obstacles of their blindness to prove their love for each other? These are the compelling questions that the web series seeks to answer.

Directed by Rajeev Mendiratta, known for his work on web series like Charmsukh and Palang Tod, Angoori is produced by Vibhu Agarwal, the esteemed founder and CEO of Ullu. The series stars talented actors Pihu Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Amit Singh, Shweta Sharma, and Rakesh Sharma in pivotal roles.

The crew behind Angoori includes Ankit Bhardwaj as the cinematographer, Anuj Singh as the music director, and Ravi Kumar as the editor. Spanning three episodes, each with an approximate duration of 20 minutes, this web series promises an engaging and captivating viewing experience.

Why You Should Watch It?

Angoori Web Series (2023) on Ullu offers a refreshing and heartwarming romantic drama. It portrays the unique love story of a blind couple, a rare theme in the Indian web industry. The series delves into the challenges and joys of living with a disability, ultimately showcasing how love can conquer all obstacles. With a talented cast and crew, the performances and direction in Angoori are truly impressive. The series also features a soothing and melodious soundtrack, enhancing the emotional depth of the story. Angoori is bound to touch your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Angoori Web Series portrays the romantic tale of a visually impaired couple who confront difficulties from their companions who exploit them. This romantic drama highlights the emotions, difficulties, and obstacles faced by the blind couple. Additionally, it incorporates elements of suspense, thrill, and sensuality. Angoori Web Series can be streamed on Ullu, an online video platform that specializes in bold and provocative content.

The web series, directed by Rajeev Mendiratta and produced by Vibhu Agarwal, showcases Pihu Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Amit Singh, Shweta Sharma, and Rakesh Sharma in prominent roles. With three episodes, it was released on 14 November 2023 and is accessible in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. This captivating and controversial web series can be enjoyed on the Ullu website or app.


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