Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050


The Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is one of the leading technology stocks in the stock market. Investors looking to make informed decisions regarding their investments in this tech giant may use a Microsoft stock forecast to gain valuable insights into the potential performance of MSFT.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction
Microsoft Stock Price Prediction
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This prediction is made through a rigorous technical analysis based on Microsoft’s current performance and trends throughout the financial market. Analyzing MSFT’s long-term prospects can help investors make more profitable decisions with their investments.

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About Microsoft Stock

Microsoft is a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Its stock, traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol MSFT, has been a popular investment choice for many years due to the company’s strong financial performance and dominant position in the software industry.

Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, and Azure cloud computing platform. The company has also expanded into other areas, such as gaming with the Xbox console and Surface line of devices.

With a market capitalization of over $2 trillion and a history of consistent growth, Microsoft stock is widely regarded as a stable and lucrative investment option for both individual and institutional investors alike.

Stock NameMicrosoft Corp.
Founded In1975
Market Cap$2.385 Trillion
Revenue$211.915 Billion
Ticker SymbolMSFT
CountryUSA (Nasdaq)
SectorTechnology (Computer)
IndustryPackaged Software
CEOSatya Nadella
CompetitorsGoogle, Apple, Samsung, IBM
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Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Live Price Chart

Microsoft Fundamental Analysis

Microsoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction & Forecast

The prediction for Microsoft (MSFT) is that its value will increase steadily over the next eight years. The data suggests that the price per share for Microsoft will rise to $308 by the end of 2023, $355 in 2024, $508 in 2025, $610 in 2026, $685 in 2027, $754 in 2028, and $780 in 2029. The forecast also anticipates that Microsoft’s stock value in 2030 will reach $830.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
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Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2023 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2023

A forecast for Microsoft stock prices predicts that the company will hit its peak in 2023, reaching as high as $315.62. However, if current growth continues, the average price of Microsoft is expected to be around $269.34 by that time. Bearish trends may dip prices down to an estimated low of $246.05. It is also possible that a bull rally could cause the price to surge beyond these projections.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2023 $246.05 to $315.62

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2024 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2024

According to our price prediction, Microsoft stock may reach a maximum value of $355.41 by 2024. The average price forecast of Microsoft stocks is estimated to be around $324.46, but bearish events may cause Microsoft’s stock prices to drop to $298.78. Microsoft may have a successful year after the long bearish streak.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2024$298.78 to $355.41

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2025 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2025

Microsoft’s stock performance in 2025 is expected to be bullish but not reach its all-time high. Our predictions state that the average price for the company may be approximately $496.05, with a maximum forecast of $508.52 and a minimum price of $487.12 if market conditions take on a bearish character.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2025$487.12 to $508.52
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Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2026 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2026

Our Microsoft stock price prediction suggests that the company’s shares could surge to a record high level this year. We estimate that the maximum value of Microsoft could be around $610.39 in 2026, and average at $589.61 for that year. But should the market remain bearish, Microsoft shares may reach as low as $572.18.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2026$572.18 to $610.39

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2027 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2027

Microsoft investors may be optimistic this year as stock prices are expected to surpass the all-time high. According to our analysis, the estimated average value of Microsoft (MSFT) stands at $669.86, with a minimum of $628.37 and a maximum of $685.72. These figures indicate a potential growth in MSFT stocks and provide bullish support for investors who are expecting strong returns on their investments.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2027$628.37 to $685.72

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2028 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2028

Microsoft stock has a promising outlook for the long term, with our prediction that its average share price could reach $732.18 by 2028. If market conditions are favourable the stock price may even reach as high as $754.48, while if the markets turn sour then it’s estimated that its lowest possible price would be around $701.73.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2028$701.73 to $754.48

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2029 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2029

Microsoft stock may be a lucrative investment in the long run. Our predictions find that the maximum value of a Microsoft share may be as high as $780.25, with an average expected stock price of roughly $756.42 by 2029 if all goes according to plan. Should there be any bearish changes to the market, however, the minimal price for a share could sink to around $731.29.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2029$731.29 to $780.25
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Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2030 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2030

Predictions indicate that Microsoft stock could see considerable growth over the next decade. According to our forecast, by 2030 Microsoft’s value could reach a new all-time high, with an average of $813.09 per share if the market remains bullish. However, if the market turns bearish, the minimum value could be around $791.83. By 2030, there is potential for Microsoft shares to reach a maximum of $830.28.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2030$791.83 to $830.28

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2035 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2035

Trying to predict the stock price of Microsoft (MSFT) in 2035? Our expert analysis shows that the average value of MSFT’s stock will likely be around $1042.31 by then. There is potential for a maximum value of $1075.24 if there are any bullish happenings in the market, whereas a bearish atmosphere could result in a minimum value of $1018.13 for those shares.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2035$1018.13 to $1075.24

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2040 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2040

Predictions for Microsoft stock in 2040 look to be a positive one. Projections show that the company’s price will begin at a level of $1298.24 by mid-year and reach $1355.38 by year-end, totaling an estimated $1300 mark. Investors can expect long-term success from investing in Microsoft stock in the coming year.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2040$1298.24 to $1355.38

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2050 | Microsoft Stock Forecast 2050

Predictions for the price of Microsoft (MSFT) stock in the year 2050 have it reaching a peak of $2408.32 by year end, starting out at around $2358.63 within the first six months of the year. This stock is forecasted to make gradual gains over the course of the year resulting in its boost to reach this peak figure.

YEARMicrosoft (MFST) Stock Price Prediction
2050$2358.63 to $2408.32
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Microsoft (MFST) Stock Price History

The following is a brief overview of the historical stock price of Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) from 2010 to 2021. All data is adjusted for splits and dividends.

  • January 2010: MSFT stock price opened at around $30.95 per share.
  • December 2010: MSFT stock price closed at around $27.91 per share.
  • December 2011: MSFT stock price closed at around $25.96 per share.
  • December 2012: MSFT stock price closed at around $26.71 per share.
  • December 2013: MSFT stock price closed at around $37.41 per share.
  • December 2014: MSFT stock price closed at around $47.08 per share.
  • December 2015: MSFT stock price closed at around $55.48 per share.
  • December 2016: MSFT stock price closed at around $62.14 per share.
  • December 2017: MSFT stock price closed at around $85.54 per share.
  • December 2018: MSFT stock price closed at around $99.75 per share.
  • December 2019: MSFT stock price closed at around $157.70 per share.
  • December 2020: MSFT stock price closed at around $221.68 per share.
  • September 2021: MSFT stock price closed at around $299.35 per share.

Please note that the stock price is subject to market fluctuations, and this information is for informational purposes only. It is important to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft (MSFT) a good stock to buy?

There is no definitive answer as to whether Microsoft (MSFT) is a good stock to buy. While it has outperformed the broader S&P 500 index over the past several years, investors should be aware of current economic conditions and analyze their own investing goals before making any decisions about buying MSFT stock.

Should You Invest In Microsoft (MSFT) Stock?

Investing in Microsoft (MSFT) stock can be a lucrative decision. The company offers a strong track record of innovations and strong competitive advantages in markets such as productivity software, cloud computing, hardware, digital media and gaming. The stock has seen solid growth in recent years and is well-positioned for the future. Therefore, MSFT may be an attractive investment choice for long-term investors seeking strong returns.

Will Microsoft stock reach $1000?

Investors are optimistic that Microsoft Stock will continue to rise, with the potential to reach $1000 in the near future. Analysts say that strong demand for cloud computing services, combined with continuous innovation, could drive the stock higher.

Where will Microsoft stock be in 5 years?

Microsoft stock has shown a bullish outlook for the long term, however, the actual value of Microsoft stock in five years is difficult to predict. It is highly influenced by many external factors, such as the company’s financial performance, and demand for their products. According to price forecasts, the maximum price of Microsoft stock in five years could reach anywhere from $628.37 to $685.72 if current growth trends continue.

Where will Microsoft stock be in 10 years?

Analysts are predicting a bullish outlook for Microsoft stock in the long term. If current market conditions remain unchanged, it can be expected that Microsoft will reach $850 within 10 years. The final gains of investing in Microsoft however, depend on your choice of investment timeline; whether you choose to invest short-term or long-term.

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Is Microsoft (MSFT) stock a good investment for the future?

Yes, Microsoft stock is a great investment that is likely to bring significant returns in the future. According to experts’ analysis, the price of Microsoft will continue to increase, making it an ideal choice for investors looking to get big returns down the road.

Will Microsoft stock go up?

Investing in Microsoft stock can be a good decision for the future, as the company is well-positioned to increase its value and continue to perform strongly in the coming years. From price predictions above, potential rewards for investing in Microsoft look very promising.

Will MSFT stock split?

Microsoft (MSFT) does not currently have any plans to split its stock, and has not made any official announcements regarding such an action. However, some market analysts are predicting that a split could occur in the near future.

Will the Microsoft stock crash?

In the foreseeable future, Microsoft stock is expected to continue to climb due to its solid financial standing and track record. Technical analysis also indicates that there is no sign of a possible crash in the share price in the future.

Is Microsoft (MSFT) stock a risky investment?

When it comes to stocks, most investments carry a degree of risk. While this is true for Microsoft stock as well, it is considered to be a particularly safe and potentially profitable investment. In fact, many people view Microsoft stock as being safer than other investments because its prices largely depend on the current market conditions.

Disclaimer: This price prediction of “Microsoft (MFST)” is only for reference purpose only, this prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, and any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis.


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