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Dave Sumrall is a passionate pastor, leader, and investor who helps people in their spiritual journeys.

He and his wife, Kate Sumrall, provide support for those who want to grow in their faith with Jesus Christ. The couple also invests in their local church to promote spirituality.

They founded the ITOWN Church in Fishers, Indiana, to serve as a community organization for worship and connection.

Dave Sumrall is known for his dynamic preaching style and ability to motivate others to follow their spiritual paths. He believes in the power of faith and the importance of strong relationships within a community of believers.

Dave Sumrall’s dedication to investing in people’s spiritual growth has made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals. Through his leadership, he has inspired countless individuals to deepen their relationship with God and live out their faith in practical ways.

Dave Sumrall – Net Worth, Salary, House, Age, Wife, Itown & Family

Real Name/Full NameDave Sumrall
Nick NameDave
Date Of BirthNA
Age40 years old (Expected)
Birth PlaceAmerica
Dave Sumrall Parents’ NameDave Sumrall Father – N/A
Mother – NA
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight80 kg
Hair ColorBlad
Eye ColorBlack
Spouse NameKate Sumrall
Marital StatusMarried
Dave Sumrall Children’s Name6 Children (Haley Beth, Hanna, Henlee, Tait, George, and Thunder)
Dave Sumrall ProfessionPastor, Investor
Dave Sumrall Net Worth$3 Million

Dave Sumrall Net Worth & Dave Sumrall Bio

Dave Sumrall – Early Life, Education, Personal Life, and Career

Dave Sumrall Net Worth and Bio
Dave Sumrall Net Worth and Bio

Dave Sumrall Early Life

There is limited information regarding Dave Sumrall’s early life, including his exact date of birth. However, it is estimated that Dave Sumrall is approximately 40 years old. Unfortunately, there is no available information about Dave Sumrall’s parents.

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Dave Sumrall Education

Kate graduated with honors in elementary education from the University of Southern Mississippi, while Dave completed a bachelor’s degree in business from Oral Roberts University.

Currently, at Liberty University, Kate is working on a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Following two years of service in ministry in South Bend, IN, Dave and Kate Sumrall moved to Birmingham, AL, to further their studies in church founding.

They enrolled in classes at the highly impactful local church, Church of the Highlands.

Dave Sumrall Personal Life

Dave and Kate Sumrall, devoted pastors, hold a deep commitment to uplifting local churches and encouraging individuals to strengthen their faith. Their journey began when Dave was involved in missions in the Philippines, where destiny led him to Kate. In April 2004, their union was formally sealed, resulting in a beautiful family comprising six children ranging from ages one to sixteen – Haley Beth, Hanna, Henlee, Tait, George, and Thunder.

On August 15, 2010, the dynamic duo embarked on a new endeavor by founding ITOWN Church in Fishers. As co-pastors of ITOWN, their unwavering dedication is focused on guiding people to encounter the power and presence of God while instilling unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ.

Beyond the walls of the church, Dave and Kate’s bond extends to their shared love for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, and basketball. Even in their leisure time, their commitment to unity and togetherness remains steadfast.

Dave Sumrall Career

In 2010, the pair played a crucial role in assisting Pastor Chris Hodges and ARC to establish ITOWN Church in their beloved city. Since then, the church has experienced remarkable growth, with over 4,000 individuals gathering at its three locations on a weekly basis.

Dave and Kate Sumrall have faithfully served as pastors and leaders, guiding numerous people on their spiritual journey. Not only did they dedicate themselves to the church, but they also recognized the importance of cherishing moments with their family.

They cherished quality time together, whether it be through camping adventures, travels, or simply engaging in joyful activities together.

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Dave Sumrall Net Worth

Dave Sumrall’s net worth is around $3 million, which he has earned through hard work. He is known for being charitable and helping build local churches.

Kate Sumrall has been supportive of Dave in his efforts. Despite the opportunity to increase his wealth quickly, Dave chooses to donate a large part of his income to church construction and helping others.

In the past five years, his net worth has grown by over 5%. It is expected that within the next five years, his net worth will exceed $5 million.


Dave and Kate Sumrall are the dynamic leaders behind the incredible growth of ITOWN Church in Fishers, Indiana. Since its establishment in 2010, the church has defied all expectations, attracting thousands of individuals from various locations across Indiana. Their mission is clear: to guide people toward Jesus and enable them to flourish within the local church community.

ITOWN Church, driven by a relentless desire to impact lives, is dedicated to reaching out to those who may feel lost and leading them toward God’s divine purpose for their existence. Every weekend, visitors can anticipate an inviting and comforting atmosphere where the powerful message of Jesus is eloquently communicated through innovative preaching, heartfelt worship, and captivating creativity.

The incredible journey of ITOWN Church serves as a testament to the miraculous work of God. With an astounding attendance of over 5,000 worshipers every weekend and an astounding 40,000 individuals who have found salvation in Christ, it is clear that this community is truly experiencing God’s transformative power.

ITOWN Church – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
ITOWN Church WebsiteClick Here
ITOWN Church FacebookClick Here
ITOWN Church TwitterNot Available
ITOWN Church InstagramNot Available
ITOWN Church YoutubeClick Here
ITOWN Church LinkedinClick Here

ITOWN Church Social Media Accounts

Dave Sumrall As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Dave Sumrall WebsiteClick Here
Dave Sumrall FacebookNot Available
Dave Sumrall TwitterNot Available
Dave Sumrall InstagramNot Available
Dave Sumrall YoutubeNot Available
Dave Sumrall LinkedinNot Available

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Dave Sumrall’s Favorite Things

Favorite Sportsperson:- Virat Kohli & Cristiano Ronaldo
Favorite Destination:- Las Vegas, Dubai, London
Favorite Film:- Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Color:- Black, White
Favorite Sports:- Football
Favorite Cars:- Audi

Dave Sumrall Net Worth – FAQ

Who is Dave Sumrall?

Dave Sumrall is a renowned speaker, author, and pastor. He is the Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Praise, one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the Philippines.

What is Dave Sumrall’s hobby?

Dave Sumrall’s hobbies are Traveling and Singing.

What is the name of Dave Sumrall’s wife?

Dave Sumrall’s wife’s name is Kate Sumrall.

What is Dave Sumrall’s Net Worth?

Dave Sumrall’s net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Is Dave Sumrall related to Lester Sumrall?

Being the grandson of the late Dr. Lester Sumrall, Dave Case is believed to come from a rich ministry tradition.


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